I have so many experiences of being intimidating to people and being treated poorly because of it. I make them insecure, and receive constant racist and misogynistic attitudes and treatment because of it. Oftentimes, it’s even by those who are romantically pursuing me. So many people hate beautiful, talented, emotionally mature women, and particularly black women, especially in today’s insecure, envious world. The feminine is and always has been the next step in humanity’s emotional and intellectual evolution — it can open another level of sentience and contentment in the human experience. […] Change and engaging in self-evolution is hard, and takes self-reflection, and recognizing one’s mistakes, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. So, most people rather stay insecure, and project that on others, and never grow into themselves, so they copy and bully those who do. And their sense of guilt and dread only grows, and they do more shitty shit and it just eats at them, til they have less and less to offer and are devoured by their evil and mounting despair. So, they are stunted and lead miserable, hollow lives, and rely heavily on escapism for any happiness they experience, rather than exploration, which brings self-development. That happens with most people, and it’s what most of the media in our society encourages and facilitates.