I believe a major reason organisms that produce sexually are the majority, rather than those that reproduce asexually, is the incentive for connection. That propels and sustains groups of organisms, organisms are hyper aware of one another, and drawn to connection, and an organism having more sentience can make the draw more of an obsession, a weakness giving way to neuroses, when there is no moral compass. I feel like the nature of the experience of life is a constant reminder of how alone and vulnerable you are as an organism, and sex in our culture has neuroses around it, that center around trying to control that, rather than accept the nature of your existence as an individual. I think sex and following wantings for connection from a place of unhealthy projection of one's own wants leave a very sentient organism stagnant. And I think that is what most are looking for, stagnation, something unchanging because it is comfortable, until it becomes a prison, but stagnation has never been, and never will be the nature of growing things, good things. I think sex and connection are trivialized to such a degree in our culture despite it being our weakest spot. Performative sex is the norm, it's the only reference we have to sex. Sex is supposed to be a celebration of your existence, a comfort that makes you feel safe, where you can feel suspended, unchanging and raptured into another's power but never compromising your own. It is a selfish want to connect, that is redeemed and made holy through mutual submission, respect, praise, and admiration, we honor God through honoring one another. We live in a world where submission is fetishized as only female, and as long as we do, sex will always just be a dirty act. There is a reason why men act so sneaky and perverted around sex, we have raised them to be energy leeches, and let predation run rampant, that expands into their nature, and manifests in the world. We need to dismantle everything around masculinity, because right now the whole identity is about letting the weakness and fragility of existence consume you (ego), and using others as crutches and band-aids. -Elia Grace Green